The only movement<br />
that matters

The only movement
that matters

Bringing the fun back to skateboarding

Bringing the fun back to skateboarding

Skater owned and operated

Skater owned and operated

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    • Skater Owned & Operated. Founded in 1998 by Brisbane skateboarder Ben Mackay.

      Absolute Board Co. proudly owns and distributes some of the most reputable brands in the surf, skate, lifestyle and fashion channels.

    • Formerly named Absolute Distributors, today Absolute Board Co. products are sold in over sixty countries worldwide, with offices and production facilities in Australia, UK, USA, China, and Taiwan.

  • What We Stand For

    What We Stand For

    • Fanaticism in everything we do. Passionate about our products, the quality of materials and the service we provide. Attention to detail.

      Unity in our goals as well as our approach to achieving them. Unity with our suppliers, our retail customers and the skateboarding community.

      Non-Conformity. Doing things differently. Leading the development of market trends and innovation. Creating and identifying new markets.

      We believe these three principles are the fundamental values of our business.

  • Our Story

    Our Story

    • Absolute Board Co stems from an Australian backyard garage sale in 1983 where a searching five-year-old boy stumbled upon an old worn out plastic skateboard.

      Eagerly he took this little skateboard home and with his father’s help, stripped it apart and rebuilt it piece by piece. This was the start for Absolute Board Co.’s founder and director Ben Mackay. As the years went on Ben’s passion for skateboarding grew as he became more and more absorbed in the culture. To him, it was the only movement that mattered. At the age of 15 Ben quit school and became a cabinetmaker. His appreciation for woodwork and his understanding of what made a good skateboard, combined to ignite in Ben an intense passion for skateboard manufacturing.

    • With no information on ‘how to’ around the manufacturing process, Ben invested everything he had to figure it out. His obsession for skateboard manufacturing had begun and  completely consumed his life. Everyone around him told him he was wasting his time, that ‘there wasn’t enough money in it’ but Ben didn’t care, he had an all-consuming passion for skateboarding that he couldn’t ignore and he needed to fulfil that call.

      From his parent’s garage Ben designed and built his own presses, glue rollers and heat transfer machine. Ben began to produce skateboards for distributors and retailers packing as many boards as he could fit into his van and driving around from skate shop to skate shop to sell his wares that he so painstakingly worked to produce and perfect.

    • To make his business a success he quickly realised retailers not only wanted the best quality skate hardware but also needed good margins, reliable supply and dependable service.

      Since those early days Absolute’s landscape has broadened to include more brands and a larger geographical reach, however the heritage and values that the business was founded on continue to be the driving force behind the success of Absolute Board Co. today.

Our Brands

  • Penny Skateboards Australia

    The original plastic skateboard.

    Penny Skateboards were established for the sole purpose of bringing back the fun into skateboarding. The original plastic skateboard company has created the global plastic skateboard phenomenon and still leads the market for product quality and innovation.

  • Each Penny Skateboard is built with the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail. Penny Skateboards are designed and built to look good, perform well, and exceed all your expectations. Penny Skateboards, since forever.

  • Arbor Skateboards

    Every Arbor design is underpinned by the intersection of craftsmanship, performance, sustainability, and collaboration with team riders and artists.

  • Our objective is to produce the best possible skateboarding products for those who both live-to-skate and skate-to-live. The result must be timeless, real, and made to skate

  • Z-Flex Skateboards

    Since in the beginning of the Dogtown era of Southern California, Z-Flex Skateboards has continued to push the boundaries of skateboarding.

    Casting the original team of Z-boys including Jay Adams, Tony Alva and Jim Muir to skateboarders such as George Wilson, Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew and Jimmy Plumer, Z-Flex has never settled on anything but being the leaders in product and style.

  • Once one of a handful of skate companies finding its way through the infancy of skateboarding, Z-Flex has endured to become one of the longest running skateboard companies in existence.

    Now generations strong, Z-Flex continues its path of determination and dedication to skateboarding.

  • Seven Skates

    Utilising the highest quality components while maintaining an achievable retail price point, Seven Skateboards has left no stone unturned to make the industry’s best entry level skateboards.

    Seven Skateboards believe that all skaters whether they be beginners or advanced should have access to great quality products no matter what price point they are in.

  • Our Seven Skateboards completes represent the best quality and workmanship in their price range. Designed by skaters who want everyone to have the best skating experience possible.

    Seven Skateboards has created a product consisting of 7 ply Canadian Rock Maple deck and the highest quality hardware accessories that are both price conscious and performance aware.

  • Shopboard Program

    After years of providing shop boards to retailers, quite a few things became clear. One such realisation was retailers do not always have access to graphic artists required to produce a quality shop board graphic. Another was that the process of producing shop boards was often rife with confusion. Absolute Board Co offers a quality shop board program for retailers across Australia, the United States and the UK that addresses these problems.

  • Providing a specialist in-house graphic design service to provide retailers with the widest and best range of shop boards possible, the Absolute Board Co Shop Board Program takes care of all the legwork making it simple for retailers.

    Absolute Board Co produce all Shop Boards with 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple and also stock the highest quality skateboard hardgoods to enable retailers to not only create their Shop Decks but also their perfectly configured complete skateboards too.



  • Team
    Ben Mackay

    Ben Mackay

    Founder and Director of Absolute Board Co.

    Drawing from a collaboration of woodworking and sales skills handed down from his father, Ben had the determination to launch his dream to manufacture and distribute skateboards, a journey that spans over a decade.

  • Team
    Luke Campbell

    Luke Campbell

    Director of Absolute Board Co.

    Along for the journey from 2009 was Ben’s accountant and business consultant Luke Campbell who formally joined the business as a partner and director in 2011 to take their industry leading brands overseas.

  • Team
    The Team

    The Team

    Absolute Board Co is an international organisation, with team members based in Australia, the UK and America. Coordinating the production and sale of products in over 60 countries worldwide, every member of the Absolute team plays a key role in the company’s success.


  • For many of us at Absolute Board Co., skateboarding has been our outlet.

    Absolute Board Co. supports a number of worthwhile projects and youth–related charities within our global community.

    Our Penny Skateboards Viva Vacation Tours allow us to work closely with local communities in Australia, UK and US by conducting large scale skate demonstrations, competitions and coaching clinics to progress the sport of skateboarding. These tours traverse great distances to form touch point activations with community groups in regional and metro areas.

  • Absolute Board Co. work with a number of charity groups including Red Frogs Australia, which helps young people (15 -25) make positive life choices about the consumption of alcohol and other substances.

    By providing a positive peer presence in alcohol–fuelled environments, Red Frogs aims to educate youth about safe consumption levels, provide alternatives and build bridges to those who may be at risk. For more information about this worthwhile cause, visit

  • Absolute Board Co. also supports a number of community initiatives locally and abroad including chaplaincy, trafficking prevention and rehabilitation, child and university student sponsorship as well as community and development centre sponsorships.

    We also proudly support local surfing in Australia by supplying product for a number of major surfing events.


  • We believe our industry is individual and unique, and so are we. Absolute Board Co. is comprised of a dedicated and eclectic team with a passion for their roles. We respect each other’s individuality and understand from experience that our combined contributions and opinions keep us real. We place great importance on creating quality and innovation.

  • With work comes play, so don’t be surprised to find the crew sneaking off for a skate now and then. We provide a friendly work environment, where it’s understood that a shared passion keeps driving us forward, and that all areas of the company have equal importance.

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